About Us

AS Technology Corporation is a Business Consulting Firm, that provides staffing, software development, and IT business services. We provide end-to-end solutions to improve business performance and promote smarter; more informed decision-making. By leveraging our extensive business and technical expertise, you enjoy access to IT solutions that are flexible, scalable, reliable and affordable.
We offer heightened global competition, shrinking time-to-market, and dwindling profit margins force businesses to seek competitive advantages within their industry. We dedicate our resources and expertise, to deliver unprecedented value to the enterprise. With the addition of an extremely innovative and dedicated team & technological competency we have been able to expand our horizons into digital marketing, web development, IT infrastructure and more.

What We Offer

Our Approachastc-i5


We adapt to client’s current processes and culture, with clear communication. We will recommend and suggest improvements while supporting current business processes.


We follow a robust, step by step procedure in all phases of pre and post development. Which includes the life cycle of technology-oriented projects, feasibility studies, implementation, and documentation.


With dedicated professionals, we ensure a seamless experience, begining with the listing requirements and gathering information, to post-engagement services.


We collaborate with our clients instead of pushing “our way” or “our methodologies only” that may or may not suit the exact nature of the project or given use cases. We recommend approaches that we think will benefit the client with the constraints and opportunities presented. But unlike our industry counterparts, we won’t push our agenda at the behest of project progress, we stay flexible for the ultimate win.


We do more than just build solutions for our clients. Our philosophy is to become an extension of our client’s business. In full partnership, we take on the ownership and responsibility for our client’s work as if it were our own business. We employ a consultative model that drives us to provide a better product through innovation, team work and focus.